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Examples of designs that meet most of the criteria for "goodness" (easy to understand, flexible, efficient) are a recursive-descent parser, which is traditional procedural code. Another example is the STL, which is a generic library of containers and algorithms depending crucially on both traditional procedural code and on parametric polymorphism. --Bjarne Stroustrup

How to use this manual

This document is roughly divided into 3 parts:

  1. Tutorials: A step by step guide with heavily annotated code. These are meant to get the user acquainted with the library as quickly as possible. The objective is to build the confidence of the user in using the library through abundant examples and detailed instructions. Examples speak volumes and we have volumes of examples!
  2. Abstracts: A high level summary of key topics. The objective is to give the user a high level view of the library, the key concepts, background and theories.
  3. Reference: Detailed formal technical reference. We start with a quick reference -- an easy to use table that maps into the reference proper. The reference proper starts with C++ concepts followed by models of the concepts.

Some icons are used to mark certain topics indicative of their relevance. These icons precede some text to indicate:

Table 1. Icons






Generally useful information (an aside that doesn't fit in the flow of the text)



Suggestion on how to do something (especially something that is not obvious)



Important note on something to take particular notice of



Take special care with this - it may not be what you expect and may cause bad results



This is likely to cause serious trouble if ignored

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