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Mailing List Moderators

The Boost mailing lists are moderated to ensure that postings stay within the boundaries set by the discussion policy. When discussion strays from the policy, moderators are empowered to gently remind, strongly rebuke, or outright ban the violator from the list, as the situation warrants.

Initial postings by new mailing list members are manually approved by a moderator. Once a member has demonstrated he or she understands the discussion policy individual postings are no longer moderated. If a member seems to have trouble following the policy, the moderators may again require moderation of each posting.

Each of the  Boost mailing lists has its own moderators.

For the Boost developers mailing list (sometimes referred to as "the main list"), the moderators are Beman Dawes, John Maddock and Nevin Liber. You can reach them for questions about moderation at: boost-owner at

The moderators of the other lists can be reached for questions about moderation via boost-xxxx-owner at, where xxxx is replaced by the specific list name. For example, the users mailing list moderators can be reached via boost-users-owner at