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ResultConverter Concept Requirements
ResultConverterGenerator Concept Requirements

A ResultConverter for a type T is a type whose instances can be used to convert C++ return values of type T to_python. A ResultConverterGenerator is an MPL unary metafunction class which, given the return type of a C++ function, returns a ResultConverter for that type. ResultConverters in Boost.Python generally inspect library's registry of converters to find a suitable converter, but converters which don't use the registry are also possible.

In the table below, C denotes a ResultConverter type for a type R, c denotes an object of type C, and r denotes an object of type R.




C c

Constructs a c object.


convertible to bool

false iff no conversion from any R value to a Python object is possible.


convertible to PyObject*

A pointer to a Python object corresponding to r, or 0 iff r could not be converted to_python, in which case PyErr_Occurred should return non-zero.


PyTypeObject const *

A pointer to a Python Type object corresponding to result of the conversion, or 0. Used for documentation generation. If 0 is returned the generated type in the documentation will be object.

In the table below, G denotes a ResultConverterGenerator type and R denotes a possible C++ function return type.




A ResultConverter type for R.