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Class list

Exposes a TypeWrapper for the Python list type.

Exposes the mapping protocol of Python's built-in list type. The semantics of the constructors and member functions defined below can be fully understood by reading the TypeWrapper concept definition. Since list is publicly derived from object, the public object interface applies to list instances as well.

namespace boost { namespace python
  class list : public object
      list(); // new list

      template <class T>
      explicit list(T const& sequence);

      template <class T>
      void append(T const& x);

      template <class T>
      long count(T const& value) const;

      template <class T>
      void extend(T const& x);

      template <class T>
      long index(T const& x) const;

      template <class T>
      void insert(object const& index, T const& x); // insert object before index

      object pop(); // remove and return item at index (default last)
      object pop(long index);
      object pop(object const& index);

      template <class T>
      void remove(T const& value);

      void reverse(); // reverse *IN PLACE*

      void sort(); //  sort *IN PLACE*; if given, cmpfunc(x, y) -> -1, 0, 1

      template <class T>
      void sort(T const& value);
using namespace boost::python;

// Return the number of zeroes in the list
long zeroes(list l)
   return l.count(0);