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Release Notes

This section lists the major changes between different library releases (in chronological order).

Version 1.0.0 (2012-04-12)

  1. Incorporated all comments from the Boost review of this library.
  2. Removed local blocks and local exits.
  3. Renamed the library from Boost.Local to Boost.LocalFunction.
  4. Using this_ instead of this also in the local function declaration (not just the body).
  5. Made changes that allow to return local functions (similar to closures).
  6. Added GCC lambda and constant block examples.
  7. Moved overloaded_function to Boost.Functional/OverloadedFunction.
  8. Moved BOOST_IDENTITY_TYPE to Boost.Utility/IdentityType.
  9. Completely removed use of Boost.Typeof when bound and result types are explicitly specified.
  10. Added ..._ID macros for multiple expansions on the same line.
  11. Fixed compilation on Boost regression test platforms.

Version 0.2.0 (2011-05-14)

  1. Replaced parenthesized syntax with variadic and sequencing macro syntaxes.
  2. Profiled library performances against other approaches.
  3. Replaced virtual functor trick with casting functor trick (for smaller run-time).
  4. Optimized library run-time (rearranging code and not using casting functor trick on compilers that accept local classes as template parameters).
  5. Supported inline and recursive local functions.
  6. Added type-of macro to expose bound types.
  7. Allowed to explicitly specify bound types.
  8. Removed using boost::function instead of exposing internal local functor as public API.
  9. Added functor to overload local functions (and functors in general).
  10. Implemented support for nesting local functions, blocks, and exits into one another.

Version 0.1.1 (2011-01-10)

  1. Uploaded library source into Boost SVN sandbox.
  2. Fixed prev/next arrows and other minor layouts in documentation.
  3. Added Release section to documentation.

Version 0.1.0 (2011-01-03)

  1. Shared with Boost for first round of comments.

Version 0.0.1 (2010-12-15)

  1. Completed development, examples, and documentation.