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any_image< ImageTypes > Class Template Reference

Represents a run-time specified image. Note it does NOT model ImageConcept. More...

#include <any_image.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for any_image< ImageTypes >:
variant< ImageTypes >

Public Types

typedef any_image_view
< typename
< ImageTypes >::type > 
typedef any_image_view
< typename
< ImageTypes >::type > 
typedef std::ptrdiff_t x_coord_t
typedef std::ptrdiff_t y_coord_t
typedef point2< std::ptrdiff_t > point_t
- Public Types inherited from variant< ImageTypes >
typedef ImageTypes types_t

Public Member Functions

template<typename T >
 any_image (const T &obj)
template<typename T >
 any_image (T &obj, bool do_swap)
 any_image (const any_image &v)
template<typename Types >
 any_image (const any_image< Types > &v)
template<typename T >
any_imageoperator= (const T &obj)
any_imageoperator= (const any_image &v)
template<typename Types >
any_imageoperator= (const any_image< Types > &v)
void recreate (const point_t &dims, unsigned alignment=1)
void recreate (x_coord_t width, y_coord_t height, unsigned alignment=1)
std::size_t num_channels () const
point_t dimensions () const
x_coord_t width () const
y_coord_t height () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from variant< ImageTypes >
 variant (const T &obj)
 variant (const variant< Types2 > &obj)
 variant (T &obj, bool do_swap)
 variant (const variant &v)
variantoperator= (const T &obj)
variantoperator= (const variant &v)
void move_in (T &obj)
const T & _dynamic_cast () const
T & _dynamic_cast ()
bool current_type_is () const
base_t bits () const
std::size_t index () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from variant< ImageTypes >
static bool has_type ()

Detailed Description

template<typename ImageTypes>
class boost::gil::any_image< ImageTypes >

Represents a run-time specified image. Note it does NOT model ImageConcept.

Represents an image whose type (color space, layout, planar/interleaved organization, etc) can be specified at run time. It is the runtime equivalent of image. Some of the requirements of ImageConcept, such as the value_type typedef cannot be fulfilled, since the language does not allow runtime type specification. Other requirements, such as access to the pixels, would be inefficient to provide. Thus any_image does not fully model ImageConcept. In particular, its view and const_view methods return any_image_view, which does not fully model ImageViewConcept. See any_image_view for more.

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